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  • Avip Priatna 50 Years of Blessing


    50 Years
    of Blessing
    Membawa nama harum Indonesia. More
  • Avip Priatna


    and Amazing
  • Avip Priatna

    Moving and

    “With William Tell Overture by G Rossini works, Avip managed to inspire the audience to enjoy a night full of joy. Solid instrumental sounded in a compact and magnificent orchestra” (Kompas 25 March 2014-Ninok Leksono)
  • Magnificent

    Magnificent and

    “Aplaus malam itu kiranya tak salah alamat. Berbeda dengan sejumlah aktivis paduan suara di negri ini yang puas menjadi juri dan pelatih di mana-mana, Avip merawat sebuah paduan suara yang “permanen” dan menjalankan fungsinya: kontinu beraudisi di ruang pertunjukkan. (Kompas, 11 Desember 2011)
  • In action

    In action

    "Avip Priatna able to set the tempo and the volume of the game,
    sometimes very soft and almost inaudible. The tones are played flat and monotonous suddenly became very loud and dynamic"
    (Tempo Magazine Issue 24 to 30 May 2010)
  • Love and

    "Avip Priatna, young Indonesian who had classical music with love and sincerity in the country, triumphed through the network of classical music performances on international stage, which applies strict requirements to qualify" (Kompas, March 2007)



Avip Priatna

He is Indonesia’s young and most outstanding conductor. After finishing his study at Architectural Engineering…

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Batavia Madrigal Singers

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The Resonanz Music Studio

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