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Batavia Madrigal Singers (BMS) is one of the finest vocal ensembles in Indonesia. . It is the only Indonesian choir that has successfully achieved numerous awards at most prestigious European choral competitions. Its success have been proven by its achievements in prestigious national and  international choir competitions, performing a wide range of music compositions: from classical to contemporary numbers, from baroque to modern popular music. With the same vision, which is to be professionally involved in choral music, the members of BMS have contributed to highlighting Indonesia’s position internationally.

Back in 2001, BMS won the international choir competition of Florilège Vocal de Tours, France, and achieved the special award from the Minister of Cultural Affairs of France for its best interpretation of French composition. While in 2002, BMS was invited by the prestigious Polyfollia International Choir Festival in Normandy, France. In 2004, BMS was invited to perform at The 5th International Choir Festival in Taipei, Taiwan.

Coming to 2005, BMS performed Opera Kali, world premiere, one of Tony Prabowo’s masterworks. Then in 2006 BMS held Camille Saint-Saens’ Opera Samson et Dalila. In the same year, BMS, collaborated with Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa Japan, performed the works of Mozart at Macau Music Festival 2006. After that, BMS was again invited to the Polyfollia International Choir Festival 2006 in Normandy, France.

In November 2006, BMS was one of the shortlisted choirs to compete in The 38th International Choral Contest 2006 in Tolosa, Spain. In 2007 collaborating with Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa, performed the works of Weber in the concert A Summer Night of Romantic Masterworks in Kanazawa,  Japan. Also in that year, BMS collaborate with Macau Orchestra in the Christmas Concerts in Jakarta and Macau.

In year 2009 BMS achieved the second position in the reputable competition, The 10th Maribor International Choir Competition, Slovenia, one of the series in the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing. After this event, BMS did its special performance in the concerts in Budapest, Hungary, and Vienna, Austria.

In recent 2010 BMS achieved the second position in both mixed choir and ensemble categories, and received the special award for its best interpretation on the compulsory song at the 58th Guido d’Arezzo International Polyphonic Competition in Arezzo, Italy.

Then, BMS continued its tour to Konstanz, Germany to perform Beethoven Symphony no. 9, collaborating with  Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie. Returning to Jakarta, BMS performed the same composition, this time with Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra.

In 2011, at the 57th International Contest of Habaneras and Polyphony in Torrevieja, Spain BMS obtained five awards, the highest achievement ever obtained by a choir since the competition was started in 1954.  The five awards are: ”Juan Aparicio,” the best interpretation of Habaneras composition; the Intercontinental Prize for the highest achievement in Habaneras and polyphony compositions; ”The Public Award;” ”Francisco Vallejos” for the best interpretation of the compulsory song; and ” José Hódar Talavera” for the best conductor. 

Batavia Madrigal Singers was the Grand Champion in The 2012 International May Choir Competition ‘Prof. Georgi Dimitrov’ in Varna, Bulgaria. In this competition, Avip Priatna was appointed the Best Conductor, another testament to his excellence in leading a choir.  As the Grand Champion, BMS was appointed one of the finalists in The European Grand Prix for Choral Singing 2013, competing against other grand champions of the 2012 series from Latvia, Ukraine, Slovenia, and Argentina.  This achievement is outstandingly notable since BMS is the first Indonesian choir ever accomplishing the triumph. BMS achieved one of five best world choir in European Grand Prix 2013 series. From Bulgary, BMS performs in Washington DC and New York in 2012.

In 2014, Florilège Vocal de Tours 2014, France, BMS was awarded the 2nd winner of Renaissance numbers and the 3rd winner of Mixed Choir.  BMS continued its European tour with the concerts in Paris and London, in the latter city collaborating with Coro London.


“The Choir’s performance was convincing, very enjoyable and artistically on very high level.”
(Ursa Lah, jury of The 10th Maribor International Choir 2009)

“Rhythmical precision and fantastic ensemble feeling is typical for This choir… The choir has an immediate attraction and creates a close  and   warm contact with its audience….”
(Anders Ebi, juri pada The 10th Int’l Choral Competition Maribor 2009)

“Batavia Madrigal Singers convulse the audience consisting of the diplomatic corps, the Hungarian office and music lovers. The show took place on Tuesday (04/21/2009) at Erszebet Palace, City of Godollo, Hungary “
(, 23 April 2009)

“The sound produced by the choir is distinctively grand and powerful, very suitable for opera works.  A really good work!”
(Thierry Machuel, composer, member of the jury, Florilège Vocal de Tours, France 2014)

“Having heard also other groups perform the compulsory piece at the competition, this [choir’s performance] was a well considered interpretation and touching performance… Great performance!  Very cultivated!”
(Reijo Kekkonen, composer; arranger, member of the jury, Florilège Vocal de Tours, France 2014)

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