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The Telephone by Gian Carlo Menotti
Opera buffa in one act
Libretto: Gian Carlo Menotti
Premiere: 18 February 1947

Performance date: 12 May 2007
Venue: The Usmar Ismail Hall


    Ben is in love with Lucy and wants to tell her something important before he leaves on a journey. When they enter the apartment, the telephone rings and Lucy proceeds to have a long conversation with a girlfriend. When she hangs up, Ben tenderly begins to sing, but again they are interrupted by the shrill sound of the telephone. Lucy’s friend George rebukes her for slandering him; she leaves the room in tears and Ben is tempted to tear out the telephone cable.

    Horrified, Lucy stops him: she has to ring one of her girlfriends for comfort. Ben has meanwhile left the apartment. He then rings Lucy himself, to ask her if she will be his wife.

    The Telephone will be performs by Binu D. Sukaman as Lucy, Harland Hutabarat as Ben (to be confirmed) and accompany with The Jakarta Chamber Orchestra under direction of Avip Priatna. The Telephone will be staged under artistic direction of Ian Peirson.

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